Puglia, Adriatic Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, is a visual and culinary feast, a place to sooth your soul while discovering a new and delightful area of Italy. At every turn there’s a sight to behold. The Adriatic Sea with colors from lapis to turquoise ribbons along its eastern coast, groves of ancient gray-green olive trees stretch to the horizon, hillsides dotted with white sundrenched villages and the rise and fall of row upon tailored row of grape vines over gently rolling hills. Fresh fish, mussels, oysters and octopus; delicately flavored pasta dishes; olives; figs; almonds; fine wine; fresh fruits and vegetables; signature desserts and of course; gelato, all contribute to a rich and varied food experience. You’ll discover the secrets of la cucina povera while preparing and cooking on a farm outside of Lecce. You’ll experience first hand the treasures that await your discoveries with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides.

Puglia will surprise you.  Slowly at first but ever so gently she will warm you with her sunshine, satiate you with her luscious garden-fresh food, succulent local wines and her gentle easy going atmosphere.  She’s a treasure to be relished and savored.  This is a time to breathe deeply and allow the space and time to enjoy her abundant, gracious gifts and meet the fun loving people.  The video below just might leave you with a smile on your face.  

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