Turkey Trip Continued

After breakfast, anchor is weighed and the yacht motors to another beautiful cove where you can swim, kayak, or grab your mask and flippers and take a look at what’s in the water. A hot lunch is served around 1:00 and the rest of the day is yours. If the gullet is moored in a suitable place, you can ask one of the crew to take you ashore for walking. Turkeys’ coastlines are littered with ancient ruins from one of the several civilizations once landing on the shores. All wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks & water is included on the trip and sometime in the afternoon many of your fellow travelers will gather for a glass of wine. Turkish wine (sarap, Shar-UP) is very good and very drinkable. Dinner is served around 7:30. You will find the turkish fresh, well prepared and attractively presented. There is usually some kind off entertainment by the crew or good conversation over a glass of raki a a clear licorice tasting brandy made from grapes and rasins, a favorite of the turks and somewhat of a “white lightening” for unsuspecting foreigners. There are tons more places on this tour.

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Gulet, Turkey, Blue Cruise

Welcome Meal Gulet







Gulet, Turkey, Blue Cruise

Breakfast onboard Gullet

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