This is what they look like.
They are locally built of teakwood and oak, it is a motorized Gulet, Blue Cruise, Sailing Turkey, Turkeysailing vessel of 70-90 feet in length and about 20 feet across its wide beam. There are 6-9 double cabins on board, each with a private bath and hot shower. The full-time crew of 4 or 5 includes captain, cook and mate. The yacht’s large foredecks are perfect for sunning; the covered afterdeck provides our dining and lounging area in addition to an inside lounge. When anchored offshore, we use a small motorboat to reach land. The sailing is smooth because from May through October, sea conditions are generally very calm, and we stay quite near the shore. Water temperatures average 75 to 80 degrees—and the water is crystal clear to depths of 30 feet or more! To our way of thinking, it’s the ideal way to travel in Turkey.

The crew takes great care of you during the trip with great food, expert boating skills and help with equipment on board.

Map of Sailing Area

The coves near where we cruise look like this. Gulet, Blue Cruise, Turkey, Turkish Coast






Image of wonderful yachts in the Bodrum.


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