I have traveled with Debbie to many states and countries and know of her passion for culture and history.  Traveling with Debbie allowed me to become immersed in the culture and the history of any place we went. Her ability to speak Italian and French allowed for easy communication with the locals and she always found special, unique places whether it was for sightseeing, shopping, eating, sipping a glass of wine, or just relaxing.  All of the trip details were taken care of, my part was only to go and enjoy myself.  Living abroad for many years has enhanced Debbie’s quest for locating interesting and picturesque locations with fascinating historical details.  Debbie does hours of research before a journey and adds just the right amount of facts to keep my interest piqued, things the tour guides might leave out. 

I have traveled to Italy (twice), Portugal, Brussels, France and Spain with Debbie, not to mention US travels and all these adventures make up some of my most memorable times.  I have hundreds of pictures and special purchases from these places that I will always cherish.  Debbie has a special gift for organizing these Unique Backroad Journeys and those that have traveled with her before will testify that she is fun, knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around.

                                   Dana S. – Maysville, Ky.

I really enjoy the “road less traveled” in your trips, the smaller groups, fewer tourists, incredible scenery, the quaintness of medieval villages, wandering around a town or village and finding something totally unexpected, being able to attend local market days, and the flexibility to take advantage of unanticipated local events.  [The Emilia Romagna trip was one of my all time favorite trips for just these reasons.]  I know how much work you put into your trips to provide unique experiences and accommodate individual needs.  I’m glad you enjoy putting it together as much as we enjoy going!  I’m sooooooo looking forward to the Dordogne.         

                                                                                               Nancy D. – Atlanta, Ga.

I have had the pleasure of traveling with Debbie Manasse on four delightful small-group trips to various areas of Italy.  For anyone who has already seen the major tourist attractions and would enjoy a unique travel experience, Debbie’s trips offer the benefit of someone who has personal knowledge of the lesser-known, lesser-crowded but extremely charming and interesting areas “off the beaten path.” She is also fluent in French and Italian and very familiar with the history and culture of the regions.  I would highly recommend any of her tours. 

                                                                                                Lori O. – Atlanta, Ga.

Thanks for introducing me to Italy back in 2006.  It was a dream trip visiting the hilltop towns of Umbria and Tuscany with their ancient charms.  The wonder continued in 2010 with the towns of Emilia Romagna and Lombardia, their World Heritage sites and first class food and cheeses.  I met new friends and really enjoyed the camaraderie of people enjoying the thoughtful itinerary.  I am looking forward to new trips in the near future. 

Cecilia B. – Atlanta, Ga.