Small Group Travel

We offer small group travel to unique, off the beaten path destinations.  These are cultural tours with the purpose of getting to know the history, customs, foods and people.  Trips are usually 12 to 15 people but often can be as few as 6 depending on the circumstances.  Although we try to offer a lot to see, anyone can opt out of any part of the tour if just hanging out or doing something on your own is preferred for that day.

Small group travel offers advantages to independent and large group travelers alike.

Benefits of Small Group Travel

  • It’s fun – traveling alone can get lonely and in a small group you get to meet like-minded people who share a similar passion for travel.
  • There’s peace of mind– everything is done for you…itinerary, transportation, accommodations, schedule and guides when needed.
  •  It’s more intimate – there’s no sense of being part of a herd like there can be in a large group.
  • It’s flexible – if something comes up, it’s easy to be spontaneous and take advantage of some new discovery at a moment’s notice.
  • There’s more discovery – you are able to get off the beaten path, with small tour operators, away from the main tourist attractions with more close-up exposure to local life.  You can eat at small local restaurants and stay in small hotels that are unavailable to large groups.  You would see more things, learn more and appreciate what you’ve seen with local tour guides than you would on your own.
  •  You know what you are getting up front – the cost of the trip and everything it covers.