Puglia’s Favorite Dance

Puglians, especially those from the Salento peninsula, are passionate about their favorite dance, the Pizzica. Once believed to be the remedy for a tarantula spider bite, this frenzied dance was originally accompanied by only tambourines.

There has been renewed interest in the dance and the accompanying folk music which now includes not only tambourines but also the accordion, violin, and guitar and is danced by both men and women.

During the last night of the trip to Puglia in October, there will be private entertainment by a folk band playing the music of the Salento including the pizzica.  It’s everyone’s opportunity to dance to this lively music.

Watch the pizzica here:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/19701974″>Puglia: la danza Pizzica Pizzica del Salento – Ballati Tutti Quanti</a>


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