Travel App Tuesday

Travel App Tuesday

Everyone’s heard of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader but have you heard about the free Kindle App? It allows you to turn your smart phone, computer or tablet into an e-reader without having to buy the Kindle e-reader. If you download the app from the app store on each of your devices, everything downloaded will show up on all of your devices. Even better, with something Amazon calls

 Whispersync, all of your devices will know exactly where you stopped reading on all of the other devices. All of your notes, highlights and bookmarks will sync as well. This is what is promised.

There are a few quirks however. The syncing did not work with all my devices. I have a Mac, an IPad and an IPhone. (I’m married to an IPerson!). I found a Kindle forum on Amazon and followed a suggestion of one of the posters. Re-downloading the book after deleting it, solved the problem. The problem repeated with more highlighting. This is definitely a kink that will hopefully be fixed with an update soon.

I still intend to keep the Kindle App on all three devices and hope for better syncing. When traveling, it’s a lot easier to carry an IPad instead of several books.

The Kindle App works on the following devices;

IPhone & IPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone 7 &

Windows & Mac

IPad and Android Tablet